I was reading emails on the train to work this morning, and came across my Dividend Miles statement. Opening it as I usually do I found something at the top of all the usual marketing messages:

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My final Dividend Miles statement. It’s not like I didn’t know this was coming, but what miles and points enthusiast could help but reflect? US Airways and Dividend Miles were put together from a hodgepodge of airlines. The most notable for this native North Carolinian was Piedmont Airlines, which happened to be home the first frequent flyer program I ever joined – the Piedmont Airlines Frequent Flyer Bonus Program.

Piedmont was a source of pride, and inspiration for me in many ways. I started out in aviation at the ripe old age of 15, with more than one Piedmont pilot helping mentor me through. The AvGeek in me somehow or another I cobbled together enough miles to redeem an award ticket to the west coast just prior to the merger with US Air. I flew First Class for the first time on a Piedmont 767. Piedmont was the only airline I’ve flown that had a dedicated “beach music” channel on IFE. Those of you from the mid-Atlantic coast will get that. I was ruined for life at age 19. Of course, I went on to fly for another airline and then another career, but I think it’s only fitting that the mileage program that got me started is now part of the airline where I grew up.

So today I salute Dividend Miles. Thanks for the ride!

-MJ, March 18, 2015