You might want to set down your coffee for this story. According to Orlando news Local 6, a 41 year-old man by the name of Andrew Wood enjoyed a night of drinking while staying at the Hard Rock Hotel Orlando last Monday night. Rock on in the Hard Rock Hotel! He must have started drinking pretty early though, because just before midnight an anonymous guest informed a security officer in the lobby that there was already a really drunk guy in the hotel that needed some um. assistance. The security officer followed the guest who led them to the intoxicated guy.

Just as the security officer reached him, he saw the obviously drunk Mr. Wood peeing into an ice machine. Not sure if he thought it would be funny or if he forgot which room he was in and just really, really had to go. It is unfortunate that Mr. Wood didn’t have any friends with him that could have helped him avoid this situation. The officer asked him several times what his name was and what room he was staying in. The guest refused, became uncooperative, loud, disturbed hotel guests and became combative.

Orlando police were called and when they arrived, the guest was still having outbursts. Mr. Wood was told to stay in his room for the rest of the night and warned that if he didn’t, he’d be arrested for disorderly conduct in a public establishment.

Mr. Wood instead decided to stay out in the hall and continued being disruptive so he was arrested and taken to jail. No word on whether he is banned from the hotel but I’m guessing he won’t be back there any time soon. The ice machine has, of course, been removed from service. He posted bail, which was set at $1,000. Pretty expensive night, and it doesn’t sound like much fun for anyone involved.

Hat tip to HotelChatter who alerted us to this story.