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Highlights: Park Hyatt Toronto

This hotel, located in the trendy Yorkville sector of Toronto, is north of bustling downtown Toronto and Queen’s Park. Highlights include the faulty room and poor service (yes, highlights can be negative) and the fact that it is a Park-class hotel. Seriously, I am so let down by this hotel, and understand why it is a category 1-4 (making it eligible for my Free Night Certificate). Interiors and view were decent, but this is a hard pass hotel.


Lobby & Check-in

Our uber was incompetent, and overshot our destination by a block. Lugging our stuff to the hotel, we entered on the right (northern) side only to find that the lobby/checkin was all the way on the south side. A quick refusal to upgrade (we have platinum status which means nothing), and we trekked all the way back to the north side of the hotel, where the guest elevators are. Frankly, the design is poor.



This standard room is just that – standard. Could swap with any room in any hotel, in Las Vegas or elsewhere. View was decent (of the road, and hotel entry area downstairs). One (negative) highlight was here. Our refrigerator was broken, leaking all over the inside of the cupboard, so we called the front desk to remove it. After a while, someone came to do so, spilling the leaky contents over the floor. This made for a very unpleasant stay – as we had to step over the spill as we came to and from the room. Thankfully, we were only here for one night, but it was a frustrating one. The internet was also poor here – quite laggy, with some disconnects. Not ideal for work or for play.



I think this caters to families and professionals, but more towards families. We did not spend much time in the common areas.



As we are merely platinum, we were not entitled to any complimentary food or drink. There is also no lounge to speak of.



This fitness center closes early – 10, 11pm? Quite ridiculous they do not have a 24-hour with key access facility. That was upsetting and I was unable to work out after coming back.



Thankfully, I paid for the Park Hyatt Toronto with a Hyatt Anniversary Certificate and thus nothing out of pocket. Now I know why the cash rates for a Park Hyatt were so low. The ambiance is average, the rooms need to be better maintained and upgraded, and the service for Platinums and higher needs to be improved. They have complimentary car service – but not during weekends and only for a short distance. Their tagline “Sophisticated. Uncommon. Enriching.” fell far short of the actual stay experience, and I was disappointed. I do not plan to stay here again – although it is nice to check another Park Hyatt off my list. I spoke with the hotel manager after the fact and he apologized profusely about the issues I had, letting me know that there was no excuse, and that the hotel will be remodeled starting November, and reopen in 2019. Perhaps I’ll try them again later, when they are truly deserving of the Park Hyatt title.

Also, a few last problems: no complimentary upgrades, broken card keys, and long black hairs were found in the shower – not belonging to me or my lady.


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