Last week I ran a giveaway courtesy of Gogo where a lucky reader would get a pretty great prize – a card offering 25 free sessions of Gogo inflight internet, which can be used on any domestic or international flights where Gogo is the internet provider.

The conditions for entry were simple, just to comment on which what upcoming trip you’d use the Gogo prize on, which trips you’ve used Gogo on before, or just general excitement about winning.

I’ve just done the drawing, and here is the winning comment number –

Reader Jim F wrote,

“What a great giveaway; thank you for offering this to your readers. I have a slew of long distance flights coming up where this pass would be put to good use and very much appreciated — including one I am calling MOAMR (“Mother Of All Mileage Runs”) — 12 long-haul flights in just 4 days to the Caribbean and Central America in business class.”

It sounds like Jim F has a bunch of flights coming up where this Gogo pass will come in handy.

Congratulations Jim F, and enjoy your free Gogo sessions!

Thanks to everyone for entering. I loved reading all of your comments, and I plan on running another contest soon.