If it hasn’t become clear through my posts, Mrs. MJ on Travel and I reside in Washington, DC.  No, we don’t live in Virginia or Maryland, we call the District of Columbia our home.  Washington, DC offers a wealth of opportunities to explore new things and broaden the mind, a key reason I love to travel.  We consider ourselves very fortunate to live in such a place, and want to encourage more people to enjoy what our Nation’s Capitol has to offer.

Accordingly, I’ve created a new category for the blog called “Destination DC.”  From time to time, we will share stories on things we’ve found here that you might not otherwise find in the “tourist” brochures….and we’ll probably have a story or two about things that are in those brochures too!  So if travel brings you to DC, check out “Destination DC” for tips and suggestions of things to try while you are here.