Last night, we went on a Seadog Cruise. These 100-passenger speedboats sail from both the Gangplank Marina in DC and National Harbor, Maryland. We sailed from the Gangplank Marina for a monument tour.

Seadog describes itself as a “the most exciting way to see the sites on the Potomac!” But we found it to be a very relaxing, laid-back way to take in the monuments and learn some less common facts about them. Our cruise took us around the channel and up the Potomac to view the Jefferson, Lincoln, and Washington Memorials. Along the way, we also saw Fort McNair, Reagan National Airport, and Arlington Cemetary. The 45-minute tour combines fun with fact: when the tour guide isn’t highlighting the sites, they play rock music. For the best view, sit on the starboard or right side.

A Seadog cruise would be perfect for the business traveler who wants to see the monuments, but doesn’t have the time or energy to trek around them after a day of meetings. For area residents, it’s a great way to feel some ocean-like breezes without sitting in beach traffic.

Either way, combine your Seadog cruise with a stop at Cantina Marina. This open air, waterfront restaurant/bar attracts an eclectic mix of patrons. Serving a number of different beers and strong margaritas, it’s DC’s version of a beach bar. The menu is fairly simple, but the food is always pretty decent. Nothing too fancy, but there is a variety of Gulf Coast-inspired appetizers, salads, and sandwiches to chose from. Because Cantina Marina is an open air bar, smoking is permitted, and so are dogs.


Note: This post was authored by Mrs. MJ on Travel herself, Deandra Brooks.  Deandra can be contacted at