I was just doing a little poking around Delta.com looking at flight options to Miami in May.  I noticed their daily nonstop flights from DCA to Miami were now scheduled to be aboard Compass EMB 175’s, and not Airbus 319’s like my most recent experience.  A little looking around narrowed the equipment change date to April 1.  So if you’re hoping for a nonstop mainline alternative to American on this route, better fly before then.  DCA to Tampa appears to switch from mainline to Delta Connection on the same day.

The EMB 175’s appear to have 12 First Class seats, and I have always found the EMB 170-190 family to be more like a real airliner than their other RJ cousins.  Don’t know if this will lead me back to AA for my Miami flights or not.  Anyone have experience with the Compass EMB 175’s?