I flew through Cincinnati last Friday evening on Delta.  I landed just before 7PM, prime time for a Friday night.  But it didn’t feel like a Friday night.  Walking off the airplane, I was struck at just how quiet the terminal seemed.  My flight was packed, but there just wasn’t much going on.  A look at the departure monitor bank told the story.  On Friday evening, only 2 of the screens (out of 6 or 8…can’t remember for sure) were listing flights.  I was shocked at just how few flights Delta is pushing through Cincinnati nowadays.  I’ve read about the cutbacks there, but seeing it was something.  Stopped by the Starbucks to pick up a cup of coffee, and they closed minutes before, right in the middle of what should’ve been a Friday evening push.  Reminded me of another hub I used to frequent, American Airlines at RDU.  We’ll see how long Cincinnati continues to be a hub for Delta.