Delta Air Lines announced this morning that it is enhancing wi-fi service on board a large part of its aircraft fleet. According to the company, “the upgrades will extend Wi-Fi access beyond the shores of the North America for customers traveling between the U. S. and Latin America or the Caribbean. Gogo (NASDAQ:GOGO) will begin updating Delta’s long-haul domestic aircraft currently using air-to-ground technology with satellite-based technology starting in 2016.

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In addition, Delta will support Gogo’s efforts to develop the industry’s newest technology with Gogo’s next generation air-to-ground service for its short-haul aircraft, which will feature faster connection at broadband speeds. Today’s announcement is the latest step Delta is taking to improve the travel experience and continue leading the industry with innovative technology solutions for its customers.”

Delta will upgrade over 250 aircraft that fly long-haul domestic, Latin American and Caribbean routes with Gogo’s 2ku satellite wi-fi services. Fleets included will be the B757-200/300, B737-800/900ER, and the A319. Additionally, Delta’s A321 fleet will include the technology when deliveries begin next year. Further, Delta plans to upgrade wi-fi services on its MD-88/90 and B717 fleets with Gogo’s newest air to ground technology as it becomes available.

Click the image (courtesy of Delta Air Lines) for more details, as well as Delta’s press release here, and Gogo’s press release here.

-MJ, February 25, 2015