Delta Air Lines announced this morning that Economy Comfort customers on its New York JFK to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle routes will begin receiving upgraded amenities effective today, June 4.

Luvo Grilled Chicken Hero 2014

According to Delta’s press release, “Economy Comfort customers will receive a complimentary pre-set pillow and blanket on their seat while they board the aircraft. After boarding, Economy Comfort customers will be offered a Delta sleep kit, including eye shades and ear plugs, as added amenities. During flight, Economy Comfort customers will enjoy complimentary Luvo snack wraps and a full-size bottle of water for all flights and Luvo frozen yogurt bars as a mid-flight snack on most flights except those flights leaving the West Coast after 9 p.m.”

Luvo frozen yogurt bar 2014

This is another example of the investments Delta is making in producing a product that travelers may be more inclined to pay for. Product and experience do count for something, and a big part of the overall experience is an airline that is reliable. Delta seems to do that pretty well. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more developments in this area over the next year. Frankly, I am wondering when a U.S. airline might invest in a true premium economy product for long haul flights. One that includes not just a better snack and a couple inches of additional legroom, but a slightly better seat as well. Could Delta be that airline?

Now, we await the arrival of SkyMiles 2015. Unlike many of my fellow BA brethren, I contend that a superior airline overall will attract travelers, whether the loyalty program is the absolutely most rewarding or not. Time will tell if I’m correct.

-MJ, June 4, 2014