Delta Platinum and Diamond Medallions are offered the opportunity to choose certain benefits when they qualify for a new program year. SkyMiles Medallion Choice Benefits are enticing, I just wish I could choose more! (Guess I’d better go for Diamond, so I can do that, huh?) Here are my choices.

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Let’s start with what I’m not considering – the Global Entry voucher. Nothing wrong with the benefit, it’s just one that I get already via my American Express Platinum Card. Further, since that Platinum Card affords me Sky Club access, there’s no real reason to consider the Sky Club passes either. I’m not all that interested in the $200 voucher either, though it’s borderline for me. Really, I’m down to a few choices:

  • 20,000 SkyMiles (Hmmm… vs $200 voucher? Hmmm.)
  • Four Regional Upgrade Certificates
  • Gifting SkyMiles Silver Medallion (my 2014 choice given to MrsMJ)

As I look at the year ahead, I have a few things I want to accomplish. I wouldn’t mind replenishing my SkyMiles balance, which I’ve really spent down, and 20,000 bonus miles would help with that. But there are some other alternatives to increasing that balance even though that might not be in keeping with some of my other 2015 goals. The four RUCs are very attractive to me. I would have a better chance of confirming an upgrade on flights that are most important to me, like an upcoming flight to Seattle. Finally, there’s the gift of Silver Medallion. MrsMJ has enjoyed a couple of upgrades as well as free checked bags on flights she’s taken without me, not to mention a shot at a companion upgrade clearing during off-peak flights with me. I’ve got some time to decide, but it’s a tougher choice than I anticipated. I’m leaning towards the RUCs. Fellow Platinum Medallions, which benefit did you choose?

-MJ, January 7, 2014