This morning I flew Delta Air Lines from Atlanta to New York LaGuardia. Delta’s meal windows would not normally allow for breakfast on such a short flight, but New York is a competitive market, so breakfast was served. The aircraft was a 737-700 and the choices were both cold. One being some kind of cereal/granola something, and the other being smoked salmon. Since I love smoked salmon, I went with that.


In addition to smoked salmon, the meal included a tasty toasted bagel, cream cheese (not from the little Kraft plastic tub), capers & onions, yogurt, and delicious fruit. The salmon was fresh and very tasty. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and taste of this breakfast. Frankly, if it were offered as a choice along with the always reliable Delta First Class omelet, I might have to seriously consider the smoked salmon!!

This was a light and mostly healthy way to start a long day of traveling. What’s your favorite Delta First Class breakfast?

-MJ, August 16, 2014