(@MJonTravel apologies for the corny post title)

I synced my iPhone this morning and found that Delta had an update waiting for me on the iTunes store.  This update moves their iPhone app forward by miles.  You now have the ability to view the upgrade and standby list and change your seat assignment using the app, BIG steps forward in functionality.  I’d test the upgrade list function tonight and report back, but my upgrade cleared at the window!  🙂  I did check in using the app and my electronic boarding pass worked just fine.

Stay tuned, I’ll test the new features of the latest version of the app on a future Delta flight and report on my experience.  I’ve always thought Delta’s iPhone app was nicely done, and they didn’t bite off more than they could chew out of the gate with it.  Each update has brought sensible functionality that worked, and I use the app every time I fly Delta.  I wonder if the latest update fixes the issue of the app reminding me to check in for flights that I’ve long since canceled?  We’ll know soon.