OK, I’m done apologizing for it. I love flying Delta. Heck, I’d expect most people would at least like Delta if it weren’t for their less than stellar (OK, paltry) SkyMiles award availability, and questionable Delta.com award booking calendar. But let’s forget about awards programs for a minute. Let’s talk about transportation between points on a map, mostly personable employees, clean planes, comfortable accommodations, a certain amount of consistency, and oh yeah….inflight wi-fi almost everywhere domestically. Yeah, that’s Delta, and I love it.

The fact that Delta is adding “Economy Comfort” seating to their entire domestic fleet is just one more reason to love flying them. So now that we’ve established that, let’s delve a little deeper. Today, I flew from DCA to ATL aboard a Delta 757. Yes, my Medallion upgrade cleared and I know that always makes things nicer, but still. I was greeted at the doorway by pleasant people and the first class flight attendants were second to none. Personable, pleasant, and attentive without being annoying. Really, they were good. And did I mention that I had wi-fi access?

Somehow, I’m going to find a way to make SkyMiles work for me, starting with frequent reads of Delta Points right here on Boardingarea.com. Who else loves flying Delta? I know you’re out there!