Delta Air Lines introduced a new Fly Delta app for iPad on Friday. According to the company, the app “…is part of a $140 million investment in technology implemented by Delta. The launch of the app is latest in a phased rollout of a significantly improved online and digital customer experience which also included the 2012 launches of the new in November and revamped self-service kiosks in September.” I haven’t seen the difference in kiosks because I almost always check in via Delta’s iPhone app (also updated Friday). I was flying Delta Friday afternoon, so I took the opportunity to try the new Fly Delta app for iPad. You can view Delta’s promotional video on the new app here.

I was connected to GoGo inflight wi-fi for the allowed duration of my flight, and found the speeds to be OK, but not great. (Side note: is it just me, or are more people using GoGo?) The semi-sluggish wi-fi may have impacted my experience using the app, especially the new Glass Bottom Jet feature, which I found to be kind of interesting, entertaining even. Glass Bottom Jet appears to work through Google maps to offer information about the area you are flying over. If there was something on the internet related to the area you are passing over, information about that appeared on the map. Here’s a screen shot.

Click on the “W” and read the Wiki article, or the camera and see a picture. Also, check out the speed, altitude and position indicator on the upper right of the screen. If you’re interested, you can review Delta’s promotion video of the feature here:

I tried some other features too. “My Delta” offers summaries of your SkyMiles activity, details on your current and upcoming trips.

You could even click on your origin and destination on the map, and get the current weather.

The Destinations feature offers fare specials from around the world, all bookable from the app.

I tried the booking feature and found it to be intuitive. If you’ve booked a trip on, you can book a trip here.

Booking worked easily. You can’t search award travel from directly within the app, but there is a link to “more search options on” that offers more options including award bookings. Finally, the app featured an “Entertainment” guide that included access to Delta Sky Magazine and other options that appear to change based on destination such as movies for download on iTunes, book recommendations, again downloadable via iTunes, and watching trailers for movies offered onboard.

The bottom line. I thought the Fly Delta app for iPad was pretty slick. From a business perspective, I think it might serve as a great platform to place product in front of customers in new and innovative ways. I would think that an Android based application might be on the way at some point as well. I have said this before and I will say it again now, from a customer perspective, I like the direction Delta is headed. The results of their investments in running a decent airline are obvious. I remain hopeful that SkyMiles will get to come along for the ride.