I’m inflight now from Denver to Atlanta aboard a 757. The crew is good. And the best thing about being inflight this Friday evening is that I am heading home! I’ve been home 2 days in the last 20. I’m ready to go home!

I’m in the office next week, which will be a much needed catch-up exercise for me. But for now, I’m most interested in my Delta flight from Denver to Atlanta. It’s listed as a dinner flight, I departed at 5:30PM, and the flight attendant asked if I wanted lunch when she came around to take my order. She was correct! This is lunch…but I’m not complaining…just observing. If you wondered what the Delta First Class “dinner” looked like between Denver and Atlanta at 5:30PM….look no further.


Fresh corn, cilantro, black beans, avocado, and chicken. There’s a cookie too. Frankly, it’s pretty good! While I’m sure I wouldn’t call it dinner, this salad is quite good. The other choice was a turkey club. I’m happy with my choice! Have a great weekend everyone!

-MJ, August 1, 2014