Last Sunday, I flew from Atlanta to Denver. I SDC’d onto the flight from an earlier trip. Having spent only one night at home, I just couldn’t muster the motivation to get to the airport for my original flight. I was pretty proud of managing to SDC on a U fare, but resigned to sitting in coach as the flight appeared to be quite full. I started out at #7 for 6 empty seats in first, and that’s where I stayed until about an hour before departure. I took a quick look at the upgrade list on my iPhone, and what do you know? I was #6 on the list for 6 seats. By the time I arrived at the gate……


This made for a much more comfortable flight aboard a pretty new B737-900ER. This aircraft is one of my favorites as long as the upgrade clears, but not so bad in certain spots in coach either. I was excited to be able to work in flight with power outlets and GoGo wi-fi too. Unfortunately, it turned out that the internet was out of service, so I entertained myself with the aircraft’s video system. I managed to finish a lengthy movie, Noah, just prior to touchdown. Enroute to Denver, the Delta first class lunch was served. Our choices where a sandwich of some sort, and a salad. I went with the salad option.


I suppose I should have straightened the plates a bit before snapping that photo! 🙂 In any event, the salad consisted of greens, pine nuts (I think), tomatoes, and cheese. I topped it off with the chicken. There were bread sticks, and a chocolate-chocolate chip cookie too. It turned out to be quite tasty, even if a little disappointing in presentation. The Delta salads have proven to be solid meal choices in my experience.

-MJ, August 2, 2014