This morning, I was in a taxi enroute to the airport. My flight time was at 09:20. The time this blog post occurred to me: 06:00. In other words, I was arriving at the airport early. I knew there were at least two flights prior to my scheduled flight. Once upon a time, I would:

  • Reach for my iPhone
  • Click on ExpertFlyer
  • Punch in my origin and destination information (in the unlikely event I did not already have that saved)
  • Look at inventory and the seatmap
  • Make a decision on whether to call or not call or see an agent for SDC
  • Move on with my life

But as a near exclusive Delta flyer, I can no longer do that. Instead, this happens.

  • Reach for iPhone
  • Click on
  • Punch in origin and destination
  • Find flight before mine
  • See limited inventory information, but enough to learn that I may want to think about the 08:20
  • Switch to Fly Delta app for iPhone
  • Realize I can’t look at seat maps unless I’m booked on a flight (if anyone thinks I’m incorrect on that, please let me know in the comments. I’ll admit here that I did not try the “change” flight option. Don’t know if I can see seat options with that or not, and I’ll admit it here if I’m wrong about this.)
  • Close Delta app
  • Feel sad
  • Go to club, boot laptop, see lots of empty seats on for 08:20 flight, including good coach seats
  • See agent for SDC
  • Clear upgrade, and feel happy again

This weekend I enjoyed talking to a very nice gentleman who works for Delta. He asked me something to the effect of what couldn’t I get from Delta that I was getting from ExpertFlyer. The gist of my answer was really useful information that people who fly a good bit want. This is my example…..posted from a Delta flight.

-MJ, September 24, 2014

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