There’s quite a bit going on with Delta today. May 1 brings us no guests into the Sky Club unless you are an Executive member ($695 per year). That’s bad. (HT: DeltaPoints) But in a bit of good news, if you carry any of the SkyMiles American Express card products, you will no longer be charged foreign transaction fees as of today. Further, the cards are now available with an EMV chip.

I called the number on the back of my card just now to request a new card with the chip. There was a recording saying something to the effect of “due to unexpected call volume, it may take longer than expected to speak with a representative.” I elected to wait anyway, and within 2 minutes I was speaking with a rep who gladly processed my request, and now my new Platinum Delta SkyMiles Amex with EMV chip is on its way. The rep made clear that these are “Chip & Signature” cards, not “Chip & PIN.”

In the end, the whole thing took about 3 minutes. If you carry the Delta Amex cards, and would like an EMV chip equipped card, give Amex a call.

-MJ, May 1, 2014