Multiple news sources are reporting that Delta Air Lines is about to announce an big order for Airbus wide-body jets. According to Reuters, the order will be “split between the all-new A350-900 and a recently announced revamp of the current-generation A330.” There is no formal announcement from Delta or Airbus at the moment. (Image courtesy of Delta Air Lines)

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MJ’s Take

Delta already operates a large number of A330 aircraft with more current generation A330s on order. From an operational perspective, more A330s make sense, especially with the more efficient new engine option. The biggest surprise in this from my perspective is the A350 order. Delta has a history of going with proven airframes. This leads me to think that Airbus must’ve made a pretty sweet deal to get Delta to purchase these new aircraft. My next question? Will Delta ever take delivery of the 787s it has orders for that were leftover from NWA?

-MJ, November 20, 2014