You heard it here folks. There is widespread evidence that Delta Air Lines is swapping out Sun Chips for Fritos in its First Class snack baskets. Yes, there’s a thread on Flyertalk tracking the action with over 7,000 views last time I looked. I even contributed to this dramatic development by commenting that Sun Chips were served on my Delta flights this past weekend. While two packs of peanuts and a snack size Snickers usually meet my needs on snack basket flights, we all have our preferences. I’m sure the folks over on Virginia Ave. can barely sip their Gordon’s with the news that the masses are upset over a switch from Sun Chips to Fritos.

If we ever hope to be taken seriously on very real issues like award availability, broken booking engines, and a lack of one-way awards, we have to focus. Granted, I know a few folks are just having a little fun on that Fritos thread, but still. For my money, if the choice is an airline that serves Fritos (and a selection other things) and tends to actually fly their published schedule vs. one that serves twice heated pasta or a Sun Chip, I’ll go with the reliable airline every time. Of course,Β I’m the guy that buys decent wine in the Sky Club so I’m not to be trusted.

-MJ, July 10, 2013