A post on Flyertalk.com is reporting the Delta Air Lines is about to implement a slew of fee increases or brand new fees for various items such as a new fee for curbside baggage check, and increases to existing fees such as the charge for carrying your pet in the cabin. Details can be found here.

I’ve posted in the past about my relative indifference to various efforts by the major airlines to unbundle their product. However, I am very opposed to fees that are charged under the guise of “expedite” or “close-in” ticketing fees for using your frequent flier miles. It doesn’t cost a penny more to ticket your reservation 24 hours in advance than it does 24 days in advance. A money-grab and nothing else.

I like to fly Delta when I have to. I find their people to be more consistently friendly or at least polite, and their customer-facing technology to be tops. But their mileage program, SkyMiles, is among the worst, and their latest moves make it more so.