OK, I’d already settled on getting an iPad for Christmas.  I think the elegant design, e book/mag capabilities, and most of all, size make the iPad an attractive laptop supplement.  You see, I must travel with my work laptop, a boat anchor Dell machine.  I do not like to run the blog, or do my personal shopping/banking on the work machine.  I have my reasons.  Right now, my personal machine is a Toshiba T-135.  It’s a little over 3 pounds, and thin enough to fit in a folder flap in my briefcase.  That said….it’s 3.5 more pounds strapped to my shoulder.  My thinking was that the iPad would be an excellent substitute for traveling with both my personal and work laptops.  I could do a little limited blogging with the iPad, same for banking and other personal business.  And the iPad weighs a lot less then 3.5 pounds.

Enter the new Macbook Air.  Specifically, the 11 inch screen version.  TSA says it doesn’t have to be removed from your carry on.  It’s light, thin, and does more than the iPad.  Reviews of the new Macbook Air computers have been almost uniformly positive.  Now I’m torn.  Any readers have any experience with a decision like this?  I’d love to hear your thoughts, and I’m sure other readers would to.


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