Dear Delta,

I can’t count the number of times I’ve gone against the grain in support of Delta Air Lines. Even when my little inside voice has told me to just keep my mouth shut, or let other people worry about it, I’ve piped in with support. Don’t get me wrong, I know my place in Delta’s world. I’m one guy who flies a little, spends more than some, less than many others, and to my knowledge has only ever sent one formal complaint to Delta that I can remember in all my years of flying. Let’s review a few gems from the past from me.

And those are just a small sample. Here’s the thing, I still believe every good thing I’ve said about you, really, I do. But when you pull chicken sheet little nonsense like removing upgrade inventory from, a service which many of us that fly like to use, you make it difficult to love on you, even if I am personally not all that impacted by your decision. I’m sure you’ve got some reason as to why you did this. It may even make some sense if I heard it. However, all we know is that in addition to changing everything we know about mileage programs, you’ve removed a good bit of the utility from an extremely useful tool that many of us like a lot. I still love you, I still seek to fly you, and I’m pretty sure you don’t hate having me as a customer…but seriously….is this where you take your stand? I don’t get it. Explanations welcome.



-MJ, August 18, 2014