Travelers: A small but growing hospitality tech company – led and funded by ex-Google execs – is helping hotels to capture your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ information when you log on the hotel’s WI-Fi system or website with your profile, reports.

The goal? To let the hotels further engage you by using your personal information, incentivize you to be more loyal and, ultimately, more money.

According to VentureBeat, the company, New York-based Voyat, pulls data about hotel guests, mines the data and then develops promotions, discounts and various incentives. The idea is to personalize the offers based on a guest’s loyalty and personal preferences. The company is hosting “more than 20,000 new guest records per week,” the piece says.

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VentureBeat wrote about the company yesterday because it announced it was leaving private beta and had landed $1.8 million in seed money.

So which hotels are using it? Morgans Hotel Group, the New York Palace and Starwood’s W Hotel chain, VentureBeat tells us.

The firm has an interesting list of investors, including Brett Crosby, co-founder of Google Analytics, the story says. The CEO and co-founder, Benjamin Habbel, previously worked as Marissa Mayer’s chief of staff when they worked at Google, VentureBeat’s article says.

Readers: We all know the hospitality industry is getting better at harnessing data mining, so…what do you think about this?