My unfortunate view on a recent flight. Photo by Barb DeLollis.

My unfortunate view on a recent flight. Photo by Barb DeLollis.

Dear Travel Update readers: During my flight home from Las Vegas back to Washington D.C. Sunday, I sat behind a person (see photo above) who I wished would have worn a hat – or something – to cover his head. He was tall so his head was closer than any other head I’d ever seen in an aircraft seat in front of me before. I knew I wanted to share the photo with you, but   truly was at a loss for words (and a headline), so I turned to my Facebook buddies for help. Among the people who submitted entries for headlines, etc.: BoardingArea’s own MJ on Travel blogger Marshall Jackson, and The Forward Cabin‘s Jamie Larounis. Given the number of entirely too funny entries,  I decided to just list them all below. Enjoy the submissions! I hope you laugh as much as I did. – BD


(HEAD)LINE HELP: My friends, I know you will have fun with this request so put your writer cap on. I’d love your ideas for a headline for a blog post about big head below. I could’ve stared at it the entire way during one of my Vegas legs. I’ll cite you in my story. I am really at a loss for this one. Figuring you’ll crack up, but not sure what to expect really. – Barb

James Alex Larounis “Don’t let flying make you pull your hair out.”
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Andrew Sunshine Cohen Next time bring a can of this and have fun. Make sure that it is different colors to really identify the guy.

George Papadopoulos Is this a setup for a Bosley commercial? Hmmm…
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Peter M. Chang Baldly go…
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Peter M. Chang Moses and the parting of the hairline.
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Felix Contreras “When An In Seat Screen Is Actually a Blessing” “If Only I Could Download A Movie Onto His…”
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Felix Contreras “5 Hours To Contemplate Whether or Not I Am using The Proper Hair Care Products”
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Peter M. Chang It’s a slow day in the office.
Peter M. Chang’s photo.
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The winning entry? By road warrior Peter Chang.

One of my favorite entries by the very “creative” road warrior Peter Chang!

Andrew Sunshine Cohen Snap chat is a blessing for this…
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Jillian Markin “In flight movie screen getting fuzzy”
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Tania Hernandez-Andersen He’s got a head for business travel
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Brian Whitaker ‘12,363 – The number of Hairs in his head. Want to know the breakdown by color?’
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James Alan Wilson How are we going follow Peter’s submittal?
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Tania Hernandez-Andersen The Great Pate Debate
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Tania Hernandez-Andersen this isn’t a funny headline, but it does feel like in modern travel you really have the chance to get up close and personal with your fellow traveler, and usually not in a good way! this morning a guy sitting one row behind me on a flight to Chicago smelled so strongly of alcohol fumes I thought I was getting lightheaded. He really must have tied one on last night.
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Kathleen Duffy One More Reason Not to Recline
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Helen Kolios Patrikis “Extra Headroom” seats now available on certain airlines.
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Tom Siko Ok.. My twisted mind saw this as water rushing through the cabin (when viewed at a smaller image size).

Jane Coloccia Teixeira Moon Over Miami?
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Diane Zweiman Weidenbaum Free hairplugs now available on certain Jet Blue flights?

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Marshall Jackson Remind me not to sit in front of Barbara again. Oh wait, that guy has some hair. Nevermind.
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Lark-Marie Anton Menchini Literally – the HAIRLINE HEADLINE is staring you in the face!
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Richard DeLollis A work of art! It looks like the marble/slate looking tile I just installed in my kitchen.
Richard DeLollis’s photo.
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A very abstract "separated at birth" entry by Richard DeLollis.

A very abstract “separated at birth” entry by Richard DeLollis.

Barbara Delollis OK, so Joaquin and I have just read every entry and we are totally cracking up! This is going to be the toughest headline to write -ever. Stay tuned
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Marshall Jackson Knee Defender Redefined?

Richard DeLollis Hey look closely! He has a pattern on the skin of his head! Maybe a treasure map?
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