Glow-In-The-Dark Toilet Seat!
Wine Glass Holder Necklace!
Replica King Tut’s Egyptian Throne!

How ever will we live without these life’s essentials, brought to us by the Shaper Image on crackSkyMall!? Or, probably much more relevant, how will we pass the time in-flight without SkyMall to entertain us with its goofy, ridiculous, and even quite creative products to prompt conversations and spark dreams of living in an alternate reality.

skymall catalog request

SkyMall, like Sharper Image on crack, may no longer provide the ultimate window shopping in the skies.

Well, to answer my question of what will keep us busy is likely the answer to what has driven SkyMall into bankruptcy. — Technology. Smartphones, tablets, (longer battery life) laptops, and faster and more readily available in-flight WiFi may have all played a role in less page turning and ordering from the (in)famous attention getter that is SkyMall.

So, cue the liquidation sale jokes as SkyMall’s parent company Xhibit Corporation looks to sell off the company’s assets at auction.

SkyMall was founded in 1990. They are “the famous in-flight publication distributed in airplane seat pockets and seen by approximately 650 million air travelers annually (nearly 88% of all domestic air passengers)” according to its website.

What is your favorite SkyMall product?

We will miss you, $85,000 Shark Sub!…


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