If I haven’t told you lately, I love cruising! Cruising happens to be the preferred way of vacationing for Lady Astrojets and myself, and we love turning new people onto cruising!

Top Five Reasons to Take a Cruise

1. You only unpack once.
2. It’s a good value for your vacation dollar. (Compare to hotels and meals on some island, and you’ll see why.)
3. You get to visit multiple places (while only unpacking once).
4. Almost without fail, the staff onboard the ship of most any cruiseline will wow you with impeccable customer service. (Why can’t airlines do this?)
5. You don’t have to drive the ship, so party on dude!

There are a multitude of choices out there of cruise lines. Some better than others. I have a couple of favorites, Royal Caribbean and their sister line Celebrity. More on why later. But I’m sure you’ll enjoy your next cruise no matter which line you choose. Check out Cruise Critic for some great information on cruising.