A USA Today article reminds me of just how much fun a cruise over Halloween can be. MJonTravel has been on a handful of cruises encompassing October 31, and none have ever disappointed. I’ve mostly chosen to keep things simple, but be advised…. if you are cruising over Halloween, some of your fellow cruisers will turn things up a notch. Some of the costumes I have seen require extra luggage to accommodate! I’m talking stilts people!


I have to tell you, that plastic President Clinton mask was one of the best investments I ever made in a costume. People of all languages were yelling at me during dinner and during the Halloween parade…. “Bill Clinton! Bill Clinton!!!”


On the larger ships, there may even be a Halloween parade. Here’s a scene from aboard Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas! Yes, it was packed!


Of course, no mask is required…even if you look like me. Sometimes, a $5 “Count Dracula” cape from CVS over your otherwise formalwear will do.


Moral of the story – If you are cruising over Halloween, plan on having a good time. Traveling with your family? There are plenty of activities for kids too! You need not depend on the cruise line to make your fun for you, and you don’t have to carve a single pumpkin, unless of course, you want to. Cruising at Halloween, much like cruising at any time is all about you. Make it a good time, and enjoy your cruise! There’s still time to book for this Halloween!

-MJ, October 7, 2013