Who else has a “bucket list?” There are bucket list trips, bucket list places, and bucket list things to do. MJ on Travel? Well, I have a cruising bucket list.


Allure of the Seas was a bucket list cruise. You might wonder why such a massive ship sailing for a mass-market line would be on anyone’s bucket list. Allure is not only a big ship, she’s the largest cruise ship afloat, a marvel of engineering. I’m of the mind that everyone that likes cruising should sail on Allure or her sister ship, Oasis of the Seas, at least once. The remainder of my bucket list cruises aren’t nearly so entertaining. In no particular order, here they are.

The Galapagos Islands aboard Celebrity Xpedition – I’ve traveled to Ecuador a few times, on business, but I’ve never been to the beautiful Galapagos Islands. While I don’t think anyone would confuse me with a naturalist, the tranquil beauty of the Galapagos and all manner of animal life there intrigue me.

Anywhere aboard Pacific Princess – The modern day Pacific Princess is not the same ship that Captain Stubing sailed and introduced America to cruising. However, she’s still a wonderful smaller ship with appealing ambiance and capacity for only 680 guests. She’s still the original Love Boat, so you can place Pacific Princess solidly at the top of my cruising bucket list.

The Amazon River with Aqua Expeditions – The custom-built river ships of Aqua Expeditions offer up close and personal cruising experiences. With a maximum of 32 guests, this promises to be a unique experience, an up close look at the wonders of the Amazon, and just about the exact opposite of the Allure of the Seas cruise I mentioned above.

Polynesia with Regent – I chose Regent for their service reputation, but I’d sail anyone around Polynesia. The longer the itinerary, the better.

The Mighty Mississippi aboard the Queen of the Mississippi – I might be the youngest person on board, but I can’t deny that I have always had a strong desire to take a Mississippi River cruise. Perhaps it’s my interest in American history, or maybe it’s just that I have an intense interest in all manner of floating transportation vessels, but cruising aboard the Queen of the Mississippi is among my top cruising goals.

The Baltic and Northern Europe – Very high on my list would be a Baltic and Northern Europe cruise. Norway, Finland, St. Petersburg….all are unique destinations, and I can’t wait to visit them during a great cruise vacation. I think this wonderful 13-night cruise aboard Celebrity Silhouette might just do the trick.

So there’s my cruising bucket list. Tell us about yours! Enjoy your weekend!

-MJ, August 15, 2014