OK…. that’s a stretch based on 1 flight, but they surely did a good job on my recent flights. Lady Astrojets and I traveled to Dayton over the Labor Day weekend. The nonstop flights from Washington were all priced out of sight, but Continental had a very reasonable fare to Columbus available on Continental.com. Given that Dayton is only an hour or so drive from the Columbus airport, we jumped on it.

Our 4 segment itinerary was entirely operated by Continental Express, so I have no mainline Continental details to report. But all 4 segments were on time, and the employees we encountered were all unfailingly polite.

The most fascinating part of my Continental experience took place on the return. Lady Astrojets and I both checked luggage, and as part of Continental’s EliteAccess program, our bags were tagged with priority tags. Usually, this means that your bags will be the very last bags to be delivered. But in one of the more pleasant travel experiences in history, our bags were the first 2 to be delivered upon arrival in Washington!

Continental got it right on this trip, and in doing so, they’ve earned a repeat Customer!