I just completed a successful week on the road.  Spent this week in Atlanta, taking my first flight on Delta Air Lines in 2 years without Medallion status (I survived) and completing a 3-night stay at the relatively new Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta Downtown (nice hotel).  I hope to post a full review of the hotel over the weekend.

Tomorrow morning Mrs. MJonTravel and I are heading to Dayton for Mother’s Day.  Traveling Southwest Airlines via Columbus and hoteling at the Hampton Inn Dayton-Fairborn.  I’ll be sure to post a hotel review and report anything unusual on our Southwest flights.

Airlines reported April traffic this week, and on the whole, results were better than they’ve been in months.  I know my Delta flights this week were quite full, but I still managed to have an empty seat beside me on both.  Anecdotal evidence that flights are lighter, but capacity cuts are keeping load factors from falling through the floor.

I’ll post my Atlanta hotel review this weekend, and few other musings as well.