The French Laundry restaurant is affixed firmly to bucket lists of foodies everywhere. Nestled in Napa Valley, California, the three-Michelin-starred restaurant offers two seatings a day, each with delectable 9-course meals. To add to the unique intrigue is the fact that no ingredient is used more than once per meal. If you haven’t been and are curious, fellow blogger Points With a Crew dined there with his wife and wrote about the experience.

Not content to simply hold sway in a high-pressure industry, famed chef and owner Thomas Keller remarked in early 2017 to the Wall Street Journal that he would be adding on to The French Laundry restaurant with a hotel.

Could it be true? Would you be able to retire to “The French Cottage” (imaginary name mine) just steps away from the restaurant after a gastronomic feast?

Initially focused on wanting to redo the restaurant’s wine cellar, Thomas Keller started with a small project that grew to include a complete overhaul of the restaurant and grounds. Highly respected Scandinavian company Snøhetta was hired to do the redesign. Once the project including a new kitchen and 9,000 square foot garden neared completion, Mr. Keller announced his intention to add a hotel, and the small inn earmarked as such next to the restaurant has reportedly already been purchased.

French Laundry with nearby hotels on map via Google Maps

There has been no update since on whether remodeling is already underway, but here’s hoping that Snøhetta is already working to transform it into something resembling a cozy guest cottage. I’m sure if a hotel is opened in conjunction with the restaurant that the rates would be quite high (and not a chain property where you could redeem points!). Imagine how delicious the breakfast would be though if they were to offer it, or how convenient and incredible the room service would be! Perhaps it is just a dream of Mr. Keller, but I’ll eagerly be on the lookout for any updates on this possible new hotel.