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Blue Moon – from Tru Grits


Highlights: Hotel Menage, Anaheim, California

I have decidedly mixed feelings about this hotel. On the one hand, the food was quite delicious and reasonably priced in the hotel restaurant, and their service was flexible. On the other hand, the quality of the rooms, property, and facility was well below my expectations. They are remodeling to a Four Points Sheraton Anaheim later in 2017, and hopefully fixing things up quality wise. I most likely will not be staying here again, but that’s still up for decision – can’t beat the low category 3 rate of 7,000 SPG. This was about a half hour from Long Beach Airport – but it wasn’t too bad.


Lobby & Check-in

My first impression was an angry gentleman complaining about something loudly to the associates, as I stood there waiting for status check in. I do not think they have been adequately trained to separate and service those with status first. There seems to be a hastily constructed desk directly at the entrance, seeming a bit out of place, where 2-3 associates handle guest checkins and requests. Directly behind the podium is a coffeeshop, and to the right is Tru Grits, their hotel restaurant.  As my room was not yet ready, I inquired about getting lunch credit rather than breakfast since I was flying out early the next day. They were happy to assist, granting me a $28 credit ($13.95 breakfast x2) for food. Score one point in their favor.



Walking up to my room reminded me of a motel atmosphere, such as Super 8 or Motel 6, etc. Kind of dumpy, despite their best efforts to make it presentable. The room was satisfactory, but plain. No upgrades were available even with platinum status and suite night upgrades, as they were remodeling. It served its purpose, but had a terrible bed and pillows – not comfortable in the slightest.


Hotel Space / Ambiance

As it is next to Disneyland in Anaheim, Hotel Menage caters heavily to tourists and families. There is an arcade on the ground floor, which is a first I have seen in a hotel, as well as a resort-style pool for those hot LA days.


Food & Drink

Tru Grit was the highlight of this stay – the $28 credit bought me a big bowl of beef noodle soup, a pretty good mac and cheese in cast iron pan, and a Blue Moon. Service was poor, taking ~20-30 minutes for food, and over an hour for my beer, which they forgot numerous times. Note they do have a fridge in the hotel rooms so you can pack to go, although I did not. They did accommodate me with power outlets as I waited/ate my food, so that I could continue my client work.



Small fitness room was, frankly, gross. It was not well lit, and stank of sweat. I could not manage to finish my workout, with the dilapidated and old machines, and lack of free weights, and went back to my room early.


Facility Pool


All in all, I’ll probably spring for a Marriott or Starwood closer to my friends next time (in town for a wedding) and use the hotel block rate or points. I think it is worth ~50% more in points to stay in a more comfortable and nicer hotel compared to Hotel Menage. This is especially true if I will be there with my lady. They do not have a shuttle or anything, but participate in the Anaheim local transport and also sell Disneyland tickets. Outside of the food, which was decent, I would rate everything else in this property below average. Lastly, the overall quality definitely did not make me feel comfortable.

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