As you know, I’ve been on a measured mission to thin out my credit card inventory. I’m by no means seeking to close anywhere near all of my accounts, but I’ve had three or four on my mind for saying goodbye to. I’ve already closed a Rapid Rewards Visa, Marriott Rewards Visa, and an Ink card. Last up for parting ways with? The Citi Executive AAdvantage card.

I dutifully rang up Citi to say goodbye and was transferred to a retention specialist. We conversed about the reasons for closing my card, primarily that I cannot justify a $450 annual fee, which just came due again, given my current level of American Airlines flying. In reality, I just wanted it gone. If my AA flying picks up, or I find myself living in an AA hub again, I’ll either join the Admirals Club or pick up another Executive account…..or better yet, a Prestige Card.

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I was curious if Citi would even try to keep me. Given how little I spend on the card I had my doubts, but they surprised me with an offer. How good was it? Not that great. In fact, it was so not great that I verified what I just heard and I’m still not sure the agent was reading it correctly. The offer? “A $250 statement credit for spending $3,000 per month for 3 months.” I thought surely the offer was really a $250 credit for spending $3,000 over 3 months or $1,000 per month, but apparently not.

Now, I wasn’t keeping the card, so it didn’t matter. If it had, I might’ve pressed a little harder or perhaps asked if I was really hearing the offer correctly for a third time. Instead, I thanked them for their time, and moved on. If I really need Admirals Club access soon, I’ll just buy a day pass.

I know there are a lot of us that picked up Citi Executive cards. Have you received a retention offer? What was it, and did you take it?

-MJ, March 25, 2016