When I was approached to try out the Bluffworks clothing, I was curious about what they did. A look around the Bluffworks web site piqued my interest as here were clothes designed for someone who travels regularly.

Bluffworks are currently having a Christmas sale which means now is the ideal time to look at making a purchase. With up to 20% off their clothing, this means you can make a decent saving.

What Makes Bluffworks Unique?

These clothes are made of wrinkle resistant fabrics so you can machine wash them and once dry they are ready to wear which is perfect for someone who wishes to travel light and wash and wear on the go.

All the items are quick drying and what I found most interesting is the fact they are absolutely festooned with pockets. Some are hidden which means valuables are out of reach of thieves, which is great when travelling in sketchy areas.

What Products Do They Have?

In addition to the blazers, there are also pants (in Original, Chino and Gramercy) and dress shirts. What is quite good about the items is they allow you to dress up or dress down depending on the occasion.

Fabrics are touted as breathable which means they should be comfortable no matter what temperature you are experiencing. There is nothing worse than wearing clothes that make you sweat in hot climates, so these would be a godsend here.

But You’re The Flight Detective, Why Travel Clothes?

Bluffworks clothes are aimed at people who travel a lot, which is why they approached me to review their clothes. I asked to try out a blazer and the chinos and both items have arrived here.

The plan is to wear them over the Christmas holiday period and test them out as much as possible. I want to see if the bold claims made by the company are true and I will report back exactly what I find here.

Overall Thoughts

I do respect the fact the company was started via a Kickstarter campaign and a whole lot of effort, which is another reason I elected to try the Bluffworks clothing for review. The fact that it appeals to the traveller in me is also a big factor.

Though I am yet to try the clothes, I thought I would bring the Christmas sale to your attention. You may be someone who regularly buys Bluffworks products or may be someone looking for that gift for the frequent flyer – either way, a sale is a sale and you may wish to give it a go.

Readers in the USA are at an advantage here as shipping is free. Have you tried Bluffworks clothes before? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the products. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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All images courtesy of Bluffworks.