We arrived at the airport very early. Just before 3PM. Our flight is at 6:45PM. First note….it really doesn’t take very long to travel from our home to the Atlanta Airport (ATL) during non-rush hour. We were the third group of 2 checked in for LH 445. Waiting in the F queue, the agent working that was getting set up. No issue. Within about a second, we were called down to the coach queue for check in before any other passengers were processed in the coach line. For what it’s worth, in Atlanta, the First Class check in queue is the Star Gold line, and the Business queue is the Star Silver line. From presenting our passports at check in, to clearing TSA, I can’t imagine that more than 10 minutes passed.

We walked over to the Lufthansa Senator Lounge, which happens to be in the E concourse, while our flight will depart from the new international terminal, or F concourse. The lounge is adjacent to the well-regarded One Flew South restaurant (which is probably where we are about to go spend the remainder of our time).  Nothing wrong with the lounge at all. One attendant at the door, a little self serve bar, and a little food spread. No complaints, but knowing what’s waiting for us in Frankfurt…. well, you know what I mean. Here are a few pictures.