Several weeks ago I wrote about how disappointed I was that I blew a few bucks on ATM fees at a major Washington, DC hotel. It was definitely my fault, but I let go of any pre-concieved notions of loyalty to a bank after that. In short, I said to myself, I have to figure out which bank is best for me, and go with that. Enter Charles Schwab Bank. Schwab Bank offers a decent checking product, no drama, and most importantly, no issues with whatever is going on in your life like travel because they reimburse any ATM fees worldwide. I can use any ATM and not worry about pushing the wrong button and getting hit with an extra $2.50. (Note: Schwab reimburses ATM fees monthly when your statement closes.)

In truth, I have had an account with Schwab for a while, but was slowly draining it with the intention to close it… until I got scammed by ATM fees, which I rank right up there with paying interest charges to credit card companies. After several weeks of exclusive use of the account, I ask myself what the heck was I thinking when I was about to close it?!

I’ve only had to call and use the online chat feature one time each since I started actively using the account. During both interactions, Schwab is easy to deal with, even pleasant. If I miss anything about keeping my primary personal bank account (still have other accounts there) at Bank of America, it’s email and/or push alerts for different account transactions, but those just weren’t worth the $8.50 that hundred dollar ATM withdrawal cost me a few weeks ago.

The bottom line – Charles Schwab Bank is working well for me, on the road, and at home.

-MJ, April 29, 2015

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