Now that the new British Airways Club Europe catering has been out for a few days, it’s time to see what it’s really like. The professional pictures looked good, but what does it look like in reality?

Below are pictures of various meals at different times of the day. These are listed by their internal band, which is explained in yesterday’s post, so check that out to know what they mean.

Express Afternoon Tea

Scones with jam and clotted cream have returned to the afternoon tea service. While this picture shows the Express flights (Manchester and Leeds Bradford), it is also the same as that offered on Band 1 and 2.

An alternative to this is the Ploughman’s, which you can see a picture of in Band 1. Flights between 14:00 and 16:59 receive this kind of service and it’s one of my favourites.

Band 1 Breakfast

Breakfast is generally pretty much the same on all the flights. You can choose from a full english breakfast, a hot vegetarian option and apparently also a continental option.

Both of these new breakfasts look pretty good. Warm bread is usually served by the crew from a basket and a croissant with jam really adds to the proceedings.

Band 1 Brunch

Three choices feature for brunch and happily there is a picture of each one. I’d pretty much have no qualms about any of these, especially the quiche.

Fruit salad and a dessert accompany each meal, which makes for a decent amount of food. I like the amount of choice that is available as it will appeal to a wide range of people.

Band 1 Afternoon Tea

As mentioned before, the Express Afternoon Tea is the same as the one for Band 1 and 2. The second option is the Ploughman’s Lunch shown below.

Surviving the cut from the previous meals shows that this is a popular option. Crew members will happily provide hot scones from the basket to go with it. A total win!

Band 1 Dinner

Band 1 flights are quite short, so the catering tends to lean towards lighter options while still being substantial. This salad is an example of that.

Considering the previous option was usually a Panini, it’s nice to see something different. This dish also carried over from the previous menus but has much more added to it.

Band 2 Lunch

Lunch in Band 2 features virtually the same catering as Band 1, so they are interchangeable. I’m really looking forward to trying the roast beef!

What impresses me is the quantity of the food. It no longer comes across as stingy and provides a proper meal, which you should expect when flying Club Europe.

Band 3 Breakfast

My very first post on Travel Update was about the best breakfasts I had ever had on a flight. For a meal that I professed not to love so much, I sure have written a lot about it.

To be fair, the Club Europe breakfasts are always really nice. Perhaps that’s the Champagne talking, but they never really disappoint at all.

Band 3 Rest Of The Day Catering

Longer flights have a different service to the shorter ones. Band 3 and Band 4 have breakfast and then a rest of the day service which is a choice between more substantial hot meals, rather than the Band 1 and 2 salad type meals.

The sausages look decent enough and are quintessentially British. I’m sure a lot of people will be giving those a try as time passes!

Band 4 Rest Of The Day Catering

Band 4 features the longest European flights, sometimes over 4 hours in duration. You always get a proper meal as you do when flying a Band 3 flight.

Curry on British Airways is always wonderful. While not hugely spicy, it is very tasty, so these options are sure to be good. The new mugs are really nice also!

Band 3 and 4 Get A Menu

Long flights used to receive a menu, but it was fairly basic. Now it is much more in line with what is being given out on long haul flights.

The above menu is from a flight from London Heathrow to Helsinki, so Band 3. The drinks should be noted as these are generally what you can get on all flights in Club Europe.

Overall Thoughts

Feedback from the people taking the pictures has all been overwhelmingly positive. It seems that adding more money to the catering and changing suppliers means more food and more variety.

Catering should change every two weeks in order to keep it fresh, so there’s sure to be more variation coming soon. I’m quite looking forward to my next flight!

What do you think of the new Club Europe catering? Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Carl De Souza via El Periódico.