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Testing The Benefits of American Express Platinum Concierge Service

At $550, the American Express Platinum Card isn’t cheap but it’s loaded with benefits. One benefit that often goes unused is the American Express Platinum Concierge service. I decided to test the limits of the concierge service. I ended up with dinner at Craig’s in WeHo and 5th-row seats to a Lorde concert. Here’s how.

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My (Impressive) First Booking Through American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts

The American Express Platinum Card should be a staple in the wallet of any frequent flyer. With lounge access, the Membership Rewards program, travel credits, and the Fine Hotels and Resorts program, the annual fee pays for itself if the card is used correctly. I decided to book a hotel through the Fine Hotels and Resorts program to see just how beneficial this benefit is to the average traveler. At an attractive rate and offering amazing benefits during my stay, the Fine Hotels and Resorts program is a fantastic benefit. Here’s my full experience.

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