The American Express Blue Business Plus and the American Express Everyday are two fantastic options for those who want to earn Membership Rewards (MR) points. Neither card has an annual fee and they are designed for entrepreneurs who want to travel.


Sign-Up Bonus

The Everyday Card wins in this category as it’s the only card of the two to have a public bonus. It offers 10,000 MR points after spending $1,000 in the first three months. There is also a targeted bonus worth 25,000 points for this card. It can be earned after spending $2,000 in the first three months.

The Blue Business Plus does not have a bonus. But there have been small bonuses as high as 20,000 Membership Rewards (MR) points in the past.



While both cards earn MR points, they do so in two different earning structures.

The Everyday card earns 2x MR points at the Grocery Store and only one on non-bonus spend. However, it comes with a 20% points bonus if you use it at least 20 times per month. This means you can earn 2.4x points at the Grocery Store and 1.2x points for other purchases.

The Blue Business Plus card earns 2x MR points on all purchases. However, this elevated flat rate only counts for the first $50,000 in annual expenses. This threshold resets each new calendar year. If you spend more than $50,000, all other expenses will earn only one MR point.

The Blue Business Plus wins for the first $50,000 of annual purchases. Thereafter, the Everyday card wins.


Points of Indifference


The beauty of both cards is that they have access to American Express’ transfer partners without an annual fee. The Everyday card is the only personal card in the industry that can transfer points to travel partners and has no annual fee. Furthermore, the Blue Business Plus is the only business card with the same honors.

Both cards tie in this category.


Neither of these cards are known for their perks. This is especially true because they have no annual fee and can be used as supplementary cards for travel.

The only noteworthy perk is the QuickBooks access that comes with the Blue Business Plus. This is becoming a standard perk amongst Amex business cards, but it’s not a common perk across all business cards.


Final Draw

The Amex Blue Business Plus and Everyday cards are fantastic options if you want to travel for no annual fee.

The Blue Business Plus is the clear winner as a standalone card, earner, and long-term keeper card. It earns more points faster if you spend less than $50,000 per year. Its main weakness is that it does not have a public sign-up bonus.

However, the Everyday card is better for those who don’t have a side gig or business. It’s also better as a short-term card and for those who want a quick, easy to hit sign-up bonus.

If I had to select one of these two cards, I would choose the Blue Business Plus. It earns more points on more purchases. And the $50,000 annual limit is high for many small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals with side gigs.

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