WASHINGTON D.C. – Last night, we checked out the newly redesigned POV rooftop bar and terrace at the W hotel.

For years even before the hotel was a W, the rooftop has been a favorite spot of mine and so many other Washingtonians because of its unbeatable views of Washington.

From up high, you can see the Washington Monument, airplanes flying in and out of DCA, the U.S. Treasury Building directly below and, next to Treasury especially once the leaves fall, the White House. (And yes, you can bet there are also snipers located directly above; the hotel works with U.S. Secret Service.)

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Here’s the Vine video that I took last night. The lit-up white blob in the beginning of the 6-second video is the White House.

The picture and video-taking, however, ended abruptly because my phone’s battery was on 3%. I’d spent the entire day at an aviation policy summit and hadn’t had time to charge it. So, since I had my charger with me, I asked our bartender to do the honors when we scored the last two spaces at the bar on the White House side of the terrace.

Unfortunately, I was told, the power outlet was located behind the bartender’s equipment and so it could not be used. I was out of luck, despite the $16-per-cocktail price tag, due to a design flaw. Since the weather was so lovely, we stayed for a bit but left soon thereafter to find a spot where I could plug in as well as eat and drink.

Many hotels now take the phone charging dilemma into consideration when designing their spaces, especially bar areas. I particularly like the way the Andaz in Midtown Manhattan solved the problem with its a stand-alone phone charging device that lets you securely charge your phone without worry. If there was one available at the W in Washington’s rooftop bar, I was not told about it.

When we left the W, by the way, we went to the nearby restaurant MXDC Cocina Mexicana by Todd English, where the hostess immediately volunteered to plug in my phone at her desk but then offered to seat us at a table with its own power outlet. Nice touch, MXDC!

Readers: How often do you seek out the ability to charge your phone when and about, whether at night or during the day? How often are you disappointed?