If you’re like me, you absolutely hate to cancel a credit card over the phone. I just don’t like (nor have the time) to listen to sales pitches. I also don’t have the cojones to just tell the agent to stop.

What if I told you you could cancel your credit card online? I’ve only tried this (with success) on Citi and Chase. Not to say others haven’t worked, I just haven’t tried this with any other company yet.

In order to do this, you have to login to your account, navigate to the Message Center (or however it’s labeled in your account), and send a new message. Here is the exact message I sent to Chase to close my Chase Freedom card that I no longer needed:

Hello – I would like to close this account, please. Thank you.

Seriously, that’s it. I received the following message roughly two days later:

Easy as that.

When Is This Useful?

I typically do a credit card/expense audit on myself twice a year. During these audit periods I take a look at all of the cards I have, the annual fees, and the benefits of keeping each open. I also keep a running list of automatic subscriptions that hit each card and consolidate those accordingly during this time. After completing the audit, I may have a list of credit cards that need to be cancelled. Why would I want to call each company, have to explain myself, and then sit through a sales pitch? It’s a waste of time. It’s much easier to type the 11 words above and send a message. If they cancel it, GREAT. If not, then I call. Easy way to narrow down the work and time you actually have to spend.


Cancel one of your credit cards (if you have to) and comment below the company you cancelled with and if you had success in doing so online. I am going to periodically update this table with the results.


ChaseSUCCESSJune 2017
CitiSUCCESSJune 2017
Capital OneN/AN/A
Bank of AmericaN/AN/A
American ExpressN/AN/A