Marijuana has got to be driving hotel managers in Colorado and other states that have legalized marijuana simply mad.

A story in the Aspen Daily News today sheds light on just how tricky the situation is for hoteliers and guests, alike.

In the upscale ski resort town, it is illegal to smoke marijuana smoking in public, the Aspen Daily News tells us.

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In Aspen hotels, however, people are “free to create their own policy allowing or prohibiting guests to consume marijuana inside their hotel rooms,” the story said, citing an assistant city attorney’s discussing during a recent meeting about the issue.

So it seems that guests who stay in Aspen hotels could be allowed to smoke pot in their rooms as long as the hotel permits smoking in its rooms.

The twist? “Few if any local lodges do” allow smoking on premises, the story says. Most of Aspen’s hotels ban smoking, whether in guest rooms or balconies.

USA Today just reported that Colorado plans to increase marijuana production.

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