CEO of Marriott International Arne Sorenson can keep up with the best of the travel warriors, logging an impressive 200 days a year on the road.

We all have our own little tips and tricks for getting us from business meeting to another such as using Recharge to freshen up and make quiet calls, and packing light.

As CEO of an international hospitality company, Arne shared some of his own travel habits.

Curious? I was.

Here’s the video –

Takeaways from the video?

Exercise is important. Arne hits the gym and also goes running outside when on the road. We heard recently in a study that the hotel gym was the least likely place to get shared on social media and it is so easy to just tell yourself that there just isn’t any time. I hardly ever go to the hotel gym but if Arne can make time to exercise consistently, maybe I should at least consider it.

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Do everything you can to adjust to the new time zone. As soon as he steps foot onto a plane, Arne tries to get into the new time zone. If going to Europe, he tends to sleep so he’ll be ready to greet the day when landing. If heading to Asia, he tries to stay up the entire flight. This is a little different than what I do, which is to get sleep on any long haul flights. Some of you might have different routines as well, since everyone knows what works best for them.

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Arne also mentions a quirky habit he has in hotels. When he first enters his hotel room, he opens up all the curtains in his hotel room whether day or night. He uses the natural light to help guide his body into adjusting quicker.

The best tip of all that most road warriors follow religiously, is to avoid checking luggage. I almost never do, and in the rare situation where I have to I am reminded how much extra time it takes to get to baggage claim, wait for the bag (assuming it arrives) and then make your way out of the airport. Multiply that time by the number of trips you take in a year, and you quickly realize that hand luggage is the way to go.

Are there any great road warrior travel tips you have that Arne didn’t mention?