If you’re flying Allegiant Air and you went to the airport without printing out your boarding pass at home or at your hotel, expect to pay a $5 fee to print one there, the LA Times‘ Hugo Martin told us on Sunday. If you need to print out two, that will cost you $10. A family of four? $40 — if (as HockeyCoachBen points out!) forgotten both ways.

So how can you avoid a boarding pass printing fee? It’s fairly easy. In Allegiant’s Sept. 1 press release, the carrier said that customers who “use a mobile boarding pass on their mobile device or tablet, or check-in online and print their boarding pass at home” can skip the fee. Customers can check in online or use the Allegiant2Go mobile app.

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“The $5 boarding pass printing charge has been implemented to encourage customers to use the mobile boarding pass or print their boarding pass at home,” Andrew Levy, Allegiant’s president, said in the release.

When we flew Spirit a few months ago, I made it a point to print our boarding passes at home to avoid a similar fee.

Readers: What do you think about this fee?