British Airways have served all sorts of food in 2016 which is excellent for someone who likes to eat. The experience differs between international routes and European routes with more elaborate meals being served on long flights. This is what has been served in 2016 across all cabin classes.

First Class Transatlantic

Transatlantic flights to the USA in First Class feature a full lunch and prior to landing afternoon tea.

The offering is substantial, filling and delicious. The presentation of the main meal can be lacking in my opinion but it does not detract from the quality of the food.

First Class Airbus A380 Tasting Menu

The Tasting Menu is no longer offered to first class passengers due to low demand. Personally, I thought it was an excellent idea and I am glad I managed to experience it.

There is no photo of the amuse bouche, goats cheese and mango. Alas I devoured it before thinking to take a picture. Blogger fail!

Club World

Dinner in Club World or Business Class features multiple courses and is less elaborate than First Class. The quality of the food remains excellent however and passengers don’t go hungry. This set is from a flight from Hong Kong to London, featuring the special Hong Kong Celebration dishes on offer this year to celebrate the anniversary of service to this city.

How about a flight to Washington DC? This features lunch and then before landing afternoon tea.

Nothing says British airline than a fabulous afternoon tea among the clouds, does it?

Club World Breakfast and Goodnight

Breakfast in Club World features a decent amount of food also. They ran out of Bircher Muesli which is easily the best part of the meal so I had to settle for fruit.

Finally the Goodnight Service and accompanying breakfast on an evening departure from Baltimore. This service has less options so people have more opportunities to sleep.

Breakfast is served prior to landing and I like the danish offering. The bacon roll is delicious and not heavy which is welcome after a relatively short sector.

World Traveller Plus

World Traveller Plus is the Premium Economy service offered and the main dish comes from the Business Class menu. This is the offer to Hong Kong again featuring the celebration dish of chicken.

The only bad part of the service is the gravy presented in a foil cup. It’s hardly premium in my mind. That being said, the taste is still excellent.

Club Europe

Club Europe is the European Business Class product. The meal service varies depending on the length of the flight. Continental breakfast is quite delicious.

My favourite flights are between 2pm and 5pm when Afternoon Tea is served. Some frequent flyers hate this meal but I love it – I’m a sucker for scones!

The cake offered is too dense and heavy but that is the only bad part of the service. Lately the sandwiches have been a little on the stale side so this needs to be given some attention.

More Club Europe Meals

A Full English breakfast is provided even on a 1 hour sector and it is surprisingly excellent. On this particular flight I was the only passenger on board in Club Europe so I had all the bread given to me.

At other times of the day, the short flight features a salad and of course Champagne.

Longer flights feature a hot meal in place of the salad, some with dessert and cheese too.

The cod dish is surprisingly delicious which is why I chose it on two different flights. The reward was two different dishes and I appreciated the variation.

Euro Traveller

Euro Traveller is the European Economy Class product. This is moving to buy on board from 2017 which will be quite a lot better than the tiny snacks served on a 1 hour flight.

Buy on board can’t come soon enough for me!

Overall Thoughts

British Airways offer some excellent food on board their flights. The quality is always excellent while the presentation is sometimes a bit lacking. Despite what people may say about the airline, I have never had a bad meal. The service on the 1 hour sector between Dublin and London is very good and certainly commensurate with the cost of the flights. Running out of choices in Club World is a big faux pas considering the price people pay for the flights but it is rare in my experience.

I hope you have enjoyed this look at the British Airways food in 2016. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.