Sometimes British Airways gets things right and in this instance it is the new First Wing at London Heathrow Terminal 5. High status passengers previously had access to Fast Track security which is not that fast since you need to line up with the many people who are eligible for Fast Track.

As of earlier this week, there is now the First Wing which makes things just that much better. How much better? I am amazed at just how great this is!

First Wing

The new First Wing is a security screening and check-in just for first class passengers and Gold frequent flyers. People who are oneworld Emerald are also eligible.

When you enter, you are greeted by some lovely staff who check to ensure you are eligible. The ladies are very friendly to those who have access and much banter occurred. I took a picture of the security screening area, but I was asked to delete my picture. Fair!

Security was completely empty when I visited which meant an immediate screen and straight through to the corridor leading me to a special place. I have never had such a fast security experience at Heathrow. The First Wing is just epic!

After the extremely fast security experience, you walk down a corridor and you find a lovely welcome sign. Welcome to where, you might ask? Well…

It’s The Galleries First Lounge!

Once you arrive at the end of the corridor, you enter directly into the Galleries First lounge. No more having to go down escalators, past the shops and back up some more escalators. This saves real time!

Absolutely amazing – you arrive in the lounge mere moments after going through security. I’m pretty gobsmacked by how excellent this is. What a brilliant idea!

Overall Thoughts

Congratulations to the person who thought up this idea! The First Wing is exclusive, quiet, an easy experience and a real time saver. It makes Heathrow Terminal 5 security an easy and painless experience. I can’t stress how good this is, as security at Heathrow is always such a pain.

When travelling through the airport, if you can, use this. Mind. Blown! Thank you very much for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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