BREAKING – This just in from a review of my Twitter feed…

London-based NBC digital journalist Alistair Jamieson just retweeted a story from about how a CityJet passenger airplane had to make an emergency landing in London because a six-foot section of a wing detached from the plane.

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The story shows a Tweet containing a disturbing photo (above) of the broken wing. The photo was shot by a passenger who just happens to be journalist Cole Moreton, who writes for the Sunday Telegraph. To get a good visual for what happened, click on this Telegraph story that contains Moreton’s video footage. The video shows the plane preparing to land at London City Airport with the detached wing; according to that story, none of the 61 passengers are believed to have been hurt.

This will be the travel story to watch today.

Here’s a link to the Independent’s story, posted one hour ago.