BRABO restaurant chef Harper McClure makes a boozy sno-cone. Travel Update photo by Barb DeLollis.

BRABO restaurant chef Harper McClure makes a boozy sno-cone. Travel Update photo by Barb DeLollis.

WASHINGTON D.C. – A growing number of high-end hotel restaurant chefs are embracing adult frozen treats – and I’m not talking frozen margaritas and daiquiris.

I stumbled upon an alcoholic sno-cone last night during the culinary fundraiser “Chefs Behind Bars” for Share Our Strength, which fights childhood hunger through its #NoKidHungry campaign. The ongoing event series features chefs from restaurants across the Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia region who try to outdo each other in concocting the most popular culinary inspired cocktail, so it’s a good time to see what chefs are thinking.

The “drink” that caught my eye most was an alcoholic kaffir lime cocktail sno-cone created by Harper McClure, who’s the chef at Kimpton’s BRABO restaurant at the Lorien Hotel in Alexandria, Va. Whether this makes the menu at his restaurant remains to be seen because – as with most handcrafted cocktails these days – the sno-cone requires a good bit of labor including shaving ice, but regardless it’s further evidence of a trend in the making. See my Vine video above.

The sno-cone wasn’t exactly the easiest to eat/drink when you’re snacking on appetizers and snapping photos, but it definitely was tasty.

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Other adult frozen treats in hotels:

In July, when I met loyal reader and budding travel blogger John Ruda on the rooftop of lower Manhattan’s Conrad hotel, I tried one of the Conrad’s boozy popsicle flavors made with fresh strawberries and tequila ($18).

Last week, Chicago’s luxury Langham hotel announced that it’s now serving up boozy ice cream sundaes in its new retro-style ice cream parlor ($16 to $1,000 for a Hennessy cognac and chocolate concoction). I’m betting we’ll be seeing more adult treats if not during the winter months, then next summer.

Readers: Have you had an alcoholic frozen treat at a hotel restaurant or bar recently? Thumbs up or down?